New Electives

Pediatric Coordinate Care - Special Needs

This elective exposes students to an integrated clinical care for pediatric patients with special health care needs at the "Shands Pediatric Coordinate Care Program.” Students will learn how to assess the oral health of those patients, give anticipatory guidance to the parents and/or caregivers, and work in an integrated/coordinated manner with pediatricians. This experience will enhance student knowledge on different health care needs, the importance of oral health and the relevance of preventative measures to establish an optimal oral health throughout a life span. This elective is being offered to 3DN and 4DN in spring 2018.

 Oral Surgery Interest Group

 Just offered for the first time this spring to 3DN students, this elective exposed students to the speciality of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery and prepared them for applying to OMS residency programs. It is available for 3 and 4DN students semesters 6-11.

For more information on these electives and others, visit UFCD's dental elective web page: http://dental.ufl.edu/education/dmd-program/elective-courses/ 


New Student Testing Software for Fall 2018 -


In fall 2018, Examplify will be taking the place of SofTest as UFCD’s electronic student testing software. Examplify is the new testing interface developed by ExamSoft, the creator of our current SofTest. Training and documentation will be made available for faculty, staff and students in the beginning of the 2017 fall semester.


Interprofessional Experience - Doc, My Tooth Hurts

On May 10, 93 dental and 240 pharmacy students gathered in two shifts to learn more about how to care for their respective patients in the real world where multiple disciplines impact the health of each patient.  

The dental students learned about drug interactions, prescription writing and pain medication prescribing for patients with a history of opioid addiction. The pharmacy students learn about fundamentals of dental disease and treatment. 

In the pre-class assignment students met virtually to share information about each others' profession using the Big Blue Button, a small group web conferencing system in Canvas. Instructional designers from the College of Pharmacy were invaluable in designing the Canvas platform for this interdisciplinary course. 

In the class session, students discussed the case and had the opportunity to interview a simulated patient, Larry, who presented to a community multidisciplinary clinic with a toothache and a complicated medical history. Dental students wrote prescriptions for the patient and then received feedback from the pharmacy students. 

In the post-class activity, pharmacy students created a care plan and dental students completed an acute care treatment plan in SOAP note format. 

A goal of interprofessional learning is to prepare all health professions students for deliberatively working together with the common goal of building a safer and better patient-centered and community/population oriented U.S. health care system.


Instructional Support:

D3-3 Updates

An upgrade to the audio and video technology in  D3-3 is now complete with a height adjustable lectern, two LED televisions, a 4K laser projector, an HD 1080p video camera and HD Mediasite recorder. If you would like a one-on-one tutorial on how to use the new equipment contact Instructional Support at 352-273-6589 or email Marc Turchin, Mturchin@dental.ufl.edu.

Sim-Lab Upgrades for the Future

 A development group is currently reviewing A/V upgrades for the sim lab in D3-15. The upgrades will help maintain UFCD's sim lab as one of the best in the country. 


Student Affairs:


UF Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP) is currently hosting 80 first and second year undergraduate students from across the country who have an interest in health professions. This program specifically targets students from disadvantaged and underrepresented minority backgrounds. Students will explore all seven health professions housed at the UF Health Science Center through lectures, seminars, simulation labs, clinical shadowing, and more. 


New Employees 

Valerie Plunkett

Val is majoring in family, youth, and community sciences at Santa Fe. She will be assisting with the ever increasing day-to-day office duties. She can help faculty, staff, and students with scheduling meetings, booking rooms, verifying degrees, and answering any questions you might have. 

 Val can be reached at VPlunkett@dental.ufl.edu or by calling the Office of Education at 352-273-5950. 

Jordan Lindo

Jordan is part of the Office of Education's Instructional Support team. He'll be working with Marc Turchin to support faculty in using video conferencing, classroom computers, AV, Mediasite and instructional videos.

Jordan can be reached at instructional_support@dental.ufl.edu or by calling Instructional Support at 352-273-6589.