Instructional Support: Classroom upgrades

Simulation Lab 

During the holiday break, the Sim Lab underwent a robust audio/visual upgrade. The upgrade includes a touch screen allowing users simultaneous access to multiple resources such as laptop, desktop computer, document computer and more. Students will greatly appreciate the increased quality of audio and range of displays on the station monitors. Instructional Support gave a tutorial seminar about the new equipment to faculty and staff on Friday, January 5. If you need assistance with the new equipment, contact Instructional Support at 352-273-6589.


MDL-6 recently received an upgrade that included a podium and digital touch pad. From the touch pad, the user can select the desktop computer, laptop computer or document camera. It also controls the audio for the computer and wireless microphone. Operating instructions are on the wall behind the podium, in a binder on the podium and online at https://cod-main-a2.sites.medinfo.ufl.edu/files/2018/01/MDL-6-Instructions-all-pages.pdf
If there are any questions or if you need assistance, please contact Instructional Support at 


Did you know...?

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

by Annelise Driscoll

Did you know that UFCD offers associate job opportunities in a well-organized location for graduating dental seniors, residents and recent alumni? There are currently almost 100 open positions in all areas of dentistry, and of varying types, for dentists and specialists, posted and listed within Electronic Curriculum Organizer (ECO).  Each week, new positions in Florida as well as all over the U.S., are posted in the Den9991 Jobs Jobs Jobs course on ECO. The link is https://eco.dental.ufl.edu/ZF/Course/Announcements/5454; access using your Gatorlink ID and password. If you are using ECO from off-campus, remember to first login to the VPN before accessing ECO. VPN connection directions are here: http://dental.ufl.edu/about/administration/it-help-desk/vpn-connection-instructions/. Go to the Documents section, and review all of the positions listed in the folder categories for each sector of dentistry.  Easy peasy, right?

We want our graduates to have the best opportunities at finding the best fit jobs for them so this is offered as an extension of our Success Strategies UFCD Students! Some positions offer loan repayment options, relocation or sign-on bonuses, or the potential to buy into a practice as an owner - among other options. With so many options for our graduating dentists and recent alumni, this “DEN9991 Jobs Jobs Jobs” course should not be overlooked and is updated weekly with new positions. Now is the time; graduation is always closer than you think.

Categorized folders can be searched to find and respond to the various associate job opportunities:

~Private Practice Associate
~Corporate Practice Associate
~Public Health/Non-Profit Associate
~Associate Positions with Potential Buy-In or Full Buy-Out (Practices for Sale)
~Specialist Associate
~Practices for Sale
~Federal/Military/Correctional Associate Positions
~Associate Positions in Mobile Dental Units
~Associate Positions Temporary or Locum Tenens
~Associate Positions in Nursing Homes or Assisted Living Facilities
~Dental Associate Placement Companies and Recruiters


New Commencement Time

Be certain to update your calendars with the new commencement time. The class of 2018's graduation ceremony is Friday, May 18, at 2pm at the UF Center for Performing Arts.


Ask the Librarian - Sarah Meyer:
New Dental-themed Library Guides

There are two new dental-themed Library Guides available on the Health Science Center Libraries webpage (library.health.ufl.edu).

The Library Guide, Evidence-Based Dentistry, http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/ebdental highlights the first three steps of evidence-based practice; Ask, Acquire and Appraise. Additionally, it includes links to the library’s collection of Evidence-Based Dentistry eBooks, Point of Care and Keeping Current Tools.

The Library Guide, Digital Dental Resources, http://guides.uflib.ufl.edu/digitaldentalresources includes links to; webinars, podcasts, videos, eBooks and 3-D visual tools. This guide coincides with the dental curriculum, to provide supplementary, topic-specific, digital dental resources.

Please visit these new library guides and provide future suggestions you may have in order to further enhance evolving resource to Sarah Meyer, MLIS, who serves as liaison librarian to the College of Dentistry. Contact her at meyer.sarah@ufl.edu or 352-273-5559 


Employee Updates:
Instructional Designer

On January 26, Margeaux Johnson will be joining the College of Dentistry’s Office of Education as our instructional designer. She will be assisting faculty with integrating technology into the learning process, helping create meaningful and engaging learning opportunities for students. She has 15+ years experience integrating technology into higher education environments at the University of Florida, University of Maryland, University of Michigan and most recently with a local tech start up, Shadow Health. 

Help us welcome Margeaux to the UFCD family when she arrives.


Predoctoral Commission on Dental accreditation (CODA) Update

The Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) adopted new and revised standards effective, January 1, 2018.

Why are these updates important to faculty and students?

These standards are set to emphasize the quality of educational programs. The objectives of the new and revised standards include streamlining the accreditation process, increasing the focus on competency statements in curriculum-related standards and emphasizing an educational environment and goals that foster critical thinking and prepare graduates to be life-long learners.

New and revised standards include:

A new Standard 2-6: Students must receive comparable instruction and assessment at all sites where required educational activity occurs through calibration of all appropriate faculty, with complementary “examples of evidence."

A new final phrase added to Standard 3-1:The number and distribution of faculty and staff must be sufficient to meet the dental school’s stated purpose/mission, goals and objectives, at all sites where required educational activity occurs.

Standard 3-2: The dental school must show evidence of an ongoing faculty development process; now to include “examples of evidence” to align with Standard 2-6.

A new Standard 4-6: Any site not owned by the sponsoring institution where required educational activity occurs must have a written agreement that clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of the parties involved. (Note: This was already a long-standing practice at UF.)

Both current and new/revised accreditation standards for predoctoral dental education programs are available for download:  http://www.ada.org/en/coda/site-visits/prep-for-dds-dmd-site-visit/dds-dmd-site-visit-documents.


New Elective Course: Integrating the Digital Workflow in Implant Dentistry 

Drs. Will Martin and Luiz Gonzaga, in the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, are directing this course which will expose the students to the UFCD Center for Implant Dentistry and the digital workflow process in planning and treating patients with dental implants. The course will focus on the interdisciplinary relationship between the surgical, restorative and laboratory phases of patient treatment. Currently the course is limited to senior students and there is an application process detailed in ECO syllabus. https://eco.dental.ufl.edu/ZF/Course/Announcements/5580